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Pathway prepares dictionary and Scripture data in open document (odf), e-book (epub 2.0), portable document (pdf), TeX and J2ME (jar) formats. Print and electronic publications can be distributed on web sites, Android cell phones, and Java feature phones. Indirectly Pathway can be used for doc, docx, Kindle®, and Nook®. The epub format will also work on tablets using software for reading e-books.

Pathway installs as an add-on of SIL FieldWorks and Paratext, or it can be launched in batch process.

Pathway Data flow graphic


  • Leverage the knowledge of our publishing staff to help field teams have:
    • Expert designed layouts (language/page size etc)
    • Knowledge about publisher constraints and layout constraints
  • Provide the field user one-button output options
  • Empower the project manager to adjust output if necessary.
  • Give acceptable defaults for pictures and headers
  • Handle a mixture of left-to-right and right-to-left text
  • Use Unicode and Graphite font technologies
Windows Download
Windows Download
Launch the download to complete installation
Linux Download
Go to Linux Downloads
Choose 32 or 64 bit download

If you would like to check the validity of the Windows download, you can use the fciv tool from Microsoft. This version of the program should give you:

>fciv PathwayBootstrap-1.14.3.exe
// File Checksum Integrity Verifier version 2.05.
c688eb95daf9ba1d9e4935ff4a121872 pathwaybootstrap-1.14.3.exe

The bootstrap program requires that you have a connection to the Internet for normal operation. If you would like to download the installers once and install them on multiple machines or if you will be installing Pathway in a location where the Internet is unavailable or unreliable, please follow the offline installation instructions.


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Type Status Dictionary Scripture Details
Libre Office (ODF) released Yes Yes LibreOfficeOdf
Open Office (ODF) released Yes Yes OpenOfficeOdf
PDF from Open Office released Yes Yes OpenOfficePdf
InDesign testing Yes Yes InDesignIdml
DictionaryForMIDs testing Yes No DictionaryForMIDsJar
Go Bible (mobile) released No Yes GoBibleJar
E-Book released Yes Yes EPub
Webonary released Yes No WordPressSql
Prince (PDF) released Yes Yes PrincePdf
theWord (desktop) released No Yes theWordOnt
My Sword (mobile) released No Yes MySwordSql

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