Pathway 1.10.0 Sprint (August 11, 2014)

(Click here if you would rather see download packages for the stable release otherwise keep reading.)

The best way to get set up with Pathway is to use the Bootstrap program by clicking this download link:

It will install Pathway and any necessary supporting software to make the most effective use of the program. If you would like to check the validity of your download, you can use the fciv tool from Microsoft. This version of the program should give you:

>fciv PathwayBootstrap-
// File Checksum Integrity Verifier version 2.05.
ac3a1e87caab4c8dca0fa6debe1ab9b8 pathwaybootstrap-

If you prefer to have greater control of the setup process, you can download any of the individual installers below.

In order to determine the version of FieldWorks, launch the FieldWorks program (Language Explorer or Translation Editor) and go to the Help menu and then the About item. The version of FieldWorks is given in the main part of the form, under the words SIL FieldWorks. Similarly, for Paratext, launch Paratext. The version is given after the word Paratext in the main part of the form.

The Language Explorer (Flex) will work with either BTE or SE but both Paratext and TE require BTE.

FieldWorks 8.x (or 7.x) and Paratext 7.x (for their latest releases)

Download file Pathway BTE for FieldWorks 8.x (or 7.x) and Paratext 7.x
Download filePathway SE for Fieldworks 8.x (or 7.x)

Experimental versions

(includes XeLaTex, WordPress and Prince converters)
Download fileXeLaTeX for Windows (required for XeLaTeX export)
Download fileXeLaTeX for Ubuntu 12.04 precise 32-bit (required for XeLaTeX export)
md5sum = 34fbdf591672d5fc474789c1df60ca3b
Download fileXeLaTeX for Ubuntu 12.04 precise 64-bit (required for XeLaTeX export)
md5sum = b72b990a5a7756c2a37e0639d5d64fac

In order to use XeLaTeX on Ubuntu 64-bit, you will will need an Internet connection. Use the script /usr/share/pathway/

Installing Pathway

Make sure to remove any previous versions of Pathway by selecting Start on the Task bar and choosing Control Panel. Select the Add / Remove Programs icon. Find Pathway in the list. Right click on it and select uninstall or with Pathway selected, choose uninstall from the File Menu.

After downloading the installer (or installers) above, double click to begin the install. You will be asked a series of questions. After responding to the questions, the installation will begin automatically.

Some users has had difficulty with style sheets and settings left by a previous version of the program. This is somewhat unusual and should be reported to the development team so it can be addressed in a future version. Your settings are saved and should work even when a new version is installed.

Installing Pathway on Linux

The download links for the experimental packages on Linux are below. After downloading the appropriate package for your Ubuntu Linux installation, launching it will allow you install it. Once this installation process if finished, it is necessary to open a terminal window (CTRL-ALT-T) and type the ConfigurationTool command. This will set up the registry key needed by FieldWorks (or Paratext) to use Pathway.

FieldWorks 8.x (or 7.x) and Paratext 7.x (for their latest stable releases)

Download file Pathway BTE for FieldWorks 8.x (or 7.x) and Paratext 7.x on Ubuntu Precise (12.04) 32-bit
md5sum = 18ebb29846c3f07a04e054c9e39c1b3e
Download file Pathway BTE for FieldWorks 8.x (or 7.x) and Paratext 7.x on Ubuntu Precise (12.04) 64-bit
md5sum = 0aa5f15c0bb2fe9e91eaa7c9541df284

The issue tracking is available at Pathway Issue Tracking.

Click these links for a full listing of the source, installation packages (artifacts of sprint builds).

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