Pathway has been designed with features to make publishing dictionary and scripture data easy.


Pathway has been integrated into the user interfaces of SIL FieldWorks (Language Explorer and Translation Editor) and Paratext.

Click here to learn about how Pathway is used from FieldWorks or Paratext (or by itself): Integration

Output Media

Pathway can create word processor, typeset, mobile, and smart device output.

Click here to learn more about using pathway to create different kinds of output: Output Media


Pictures, headers and scripts require special processing to achieve the desired formatting.

Click here for more information on the processing of Pictures, headers or scripts: Special content processing

Style sheet

The power of Pathway is in the style sheet. Pathway combines style sheets from the user and best practice publishers to achieve the desired final formatting.

Click here for more information on style sheets: Style sheet


Pathway leverages standards allowing us to take advantage of the work done by other experts in publication processing.

Click here for more information on standards used by Pathway: Standards


Pathway provides different tools for managers and content providers so each can focus in their area of specialization without being distracted by the responsibilities of others on the project team.

Click here for more information on the roles: Roles


Some key features are planned for future development.

Click here for more information on features yet to be implemented: Future