Dictionary XHTML Proposed Standard

From here you can review and participate in the discussion of the proposed XHTML standard for Dictionary input to Pathway. This standard has been drafted by Jim Albright. If you have input, feel free to make comments or proposals in the following documents:

Sample Output File

Sample Dictionary Output

Input XHTML for Sample Output File

Sample Dictionary XHTML

Style sheet for Dictionary Output

Sample Dictionary Cascading Style Sheet

Modified Style Sheet (CSS) conforming to Mexico Branch Standard

Modified Dictionary CSS

Presentation and Discussion of the XHTML Dictionary Standard

Dictionary XHTML Standard

Details of entry formatting

Dictionary Slide Show

6 thoughts on “Dictionary XHTML Proposed Standard

  1. I started the Dictionary XHTML.Doc file but wanted input to know if this is useful, too much, too little before spending a lot of time on it. I guess there will only be a dozen people every looking at the underlying code …. Famous last words? It is only partially done. Scripture is more complete but still a work in progress. Your inputs are desired.

    For me I prefer to see actual working documents but some might want more details. Please advise as to what you want. Phil Murdy with Biblica is also looking over my shoulder on the Scripture XHTML.

    Jim A.

  2. I am looking at this standard a bit more and am a bit excited about what you are doing here. A couple of notes: The xhtml output does not declare a doctype.
    It seems that the output in terms of elements an elements makes some sense in terms of structure. What does not make sense is the use of these elements when xhtml has elements for the headword and the defining term

    Defines a definition list
    Defines a term (an item) in a definition list
    Defines a definition term
    Defines a description of a term in a definition list

    • Thank you for taking time to look at what I have done.
      Yes, we can add a DOCTYPE.
      No, I don’t think we need to engage another format group.

      I think the XHTML adequately handles a complex dictionary. That was the task. If you find something lacking please let me know.

      Using classes to identify items is very useful. It is easy to handle in the CSS.

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