Scripture XHTML Proposed Standard

From here you can review and participate in the discussion of the proposed XHTML standard for Scripture input to Pathway. This standard has been drafted by Jim Albright. If you have input, feel free to make comments or proposals in the following documents:

Sample Scripture Output

Sample Gospel

XHTML Input for Sample Scripture

Gospel XHTML

CSS for Sample Scripture Input


Scripture XHTML Standard Presentation and Discussion

Scripture XHTML 2011-04

One thought on “Scripture XHTML Proposed Standard

  1. This is still the draft copy. I have also been working on two different ways of documenting stuff. What I need is some suggestions from whoever will actually do the implementation.
    I am currently working to make sure I can format it correctly. I have Mark and Rev completed.

    Attached is Scripture XHTML in Word format. See Doxology around page 25 or 26 as sample.

    How much is enough?

    Jim A.

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