Loading Flex Xhtml Export into Word

This is a prototype of a tool that takes the FieldWorks XHTML Configured export and formats it so that Word can open the file. The style names are retained. The file can then be saved in doc or docx format from Word. This is especially useful for later processing with InDesign or another tool that prefers a Word format. You can download msWordExport. Once installed, you can drop the exported xhtml export file onto the tool and it should open in Word. If it doesn’t, try moving the location of the XHTML export file so there are no spaces in the path to the file.

Well this is somewhat quick and dirty in that it doesn’t try to add headers or columns or any of the other formatting Pathway usually adds. It doesn’t use information form the ConfigurationTool. It just gives the formatting that was present in Flex.

Sometimes it requires a bit of adjustment too. You can display the style sheet in Word using the arrow in the lower right panel of the Styles in the tool bar. Then if you click anywhere on the document, Word will show the Character style that is being used. If you right click on it, you can adjust the style. If you want to change the Paragraph style, move to the end of the paragraph, hold the shift down and use the forward arrow. This selects the paragraph mark and will also select the Paragraph style, you can right click on the style name in the side panel and modify it.


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